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McClave Firefighters Pull An All Nighter With Large Fire

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

(McClave, CO) -- Passer-bys on highway 50 in Bent County outside the town of McClave couldn't help but notice a large fire late Monday night.

McClave Fire Chief and Incident Commander Clay Hasser says they were called to a fire in a field around 10:20 and upon arrival they found bales of hay fully engulfed in flames.

Hasser estimates the loss of the hay to be about five hundred bales. Between all of their vehicles, he says they had about one gallon of water for every bale. While mutual aid from Wiley, Lamar and Las Animas was requested, the fire was too hot for firefighter safety so they were called off and the fire was monitored. Hasser explained they kept it from coming into town. It was in a field near the Methodist church however, no structures were lost or damaged. Firefighters stayed with the fire all night to make sure it didn't reignite.

The hay lost belongs to the Mill in McClave.

No cause is known for the fire. There was a storm with lightning that rolled through the area earlier in the evening but it's not known for sure if that was the cause.

(photos courtesy of CNYW follower)

On a side note, the price of hay is up. Here's a report this week from the USDA on prices.


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