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Local Artist Honored to Shine as Artist of the Month in Pueblo

(The following is a news release sent to Colorado News Your Way by Debbie Phillips)

The featured artist at the Pueblo West Library for the month of June is Debbie Phillips, local artist, photographer, quilter, and designer.

Debbie Phillips began painting in the fall of 2012 when her youngest child went away to college. “I finally had the time to work on things that had always been on my wish list: painting, quilting, sewing and design,” said Phillips.

Debbie does not have a favorite medium but works in a variety of formats: oils, acrylics, watercolors, ink, pastels, resin, wood, fibers, and recycled materials. Anything that catches her eye, or she finds interesting can be the subject of her art.

For the last two years she has focused on creating fiber art in the form of art quilts using original designs. Her show features several of her latest works including a Family Tree quilt designed to be a custom finished quilt based on the number of family member photographs to be included in the completed wall hanging.

Debbie has included in her fiber art exhibit hang hanging art quilts “Sea Turtles” and “Buffalo” which are representative of some of her favorite subjects. Several decorative wall-hanging art quilts are also on display.

Debbie is drawn to abstract acrylic artwork. An expression of her style in bold, distinctive colors and shapes. She loves to do horses, people, and other animals in a variety of abstract styles.

Debbie is a self-taught artist and photographer. “I have a great network of friends who are working artists and photographers that have been great about sharing information with me,” said Phillips, “I have also discovered that there is a wealth of information and knowledge available through books and the internet. My artistic journey has been enlightening and with each painting and technique comes a learning experience.”

Debbie has been an amateur photographer for most of her life focusing on family photos until recently. She joined the Southern Colorado Photography Society, and it has opened so many learning experiences for her. “I aspire to become a more knowledgeable photographer every day,” said Phillips, “Craig, my husband, and I travel in our motorhome which affords me lots of opportunities to take pictures of great scenic subjects.”

Debbie and her husband Craig have five children: Jennifer, Brandon, Jessica, Brady, and Janae. They also have eleven grandchildren. They live in the Cheraw area, and both have lived in the Arkansas Valley all of their lives.

All are invited to visit the art show currently on exhibit at the Pueblo West Library. Exhibit is free and open Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., through June 29, 2022. Pueblo West Library, 298 S. Joe Martinez Blvd. Pueblo West, CO 81007

Contact Debbie at 719-469-2758 or email

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