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Just a Little the Pump

(Lamar, CO) -- The biggest city in the state's most eastern county along highway 50 has been posting their prices at the pump are down.

Earlier this week, Pit Stop gas station on Main in Lamar posted they were offering gas at $3.49, it was temporary and to celebrate their ten year anniversary. However, you couldn't scroll your social media account without seeing someone bragging about the gas they bought in Lamar for much less than they've been paying.

As of 5pm, Thursday, Gas Buddy was reporting gas in Lamar as low as $3.75 and as high as $3.99. The Gas Buddy App reports prices and updates as customers report prices they're seeing at the pumps. You can create an account or visit as a guest. You can choose to see gas stations in a list or on a map, like this.

Las Animas is showing gas at $4.59 for the cheapest and $4.65 for the most expensive.

Again, the app may not reflect the latest prices or changes.

La Junta's check showed us a low of $4.59 and a high of $4.70.

You can check out the app and the website for yourself if you're needing to fill 'er up.


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