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Hospital Visitation Bill Gets More Attention Today in Committee

(Denver, CO) -- Eastern Colorado lawmakers Rod Pelton and Senator Jerry Sonnenberg's bill on health facility visitation during a pandemic heads to the State, Veteran

's and Military Affairs committee today. There, in the Senate Committee, it will receive more testimony in its journey toward becoming an act, or law.

Hospitals and nursing homes prohibited visits after the start of the pandemic, and even still some today. The bill's text states:

The bill prohibits a health-care facility from adopting policies or procedures that prohibit visitation of a patient or resident if the sole reason for the prohibition is to reduce the risk of transmission of a pandemic disease, but a health-care facility may impose specified restrictions and limitations for visitors to reduce the risk of transmission of the pandemic disease.

The bill will be heard Thursday afternoon, February 24th. It's listed as the last agenda item. The last time this bill was in committee there was much discussion. If you want to listen along, head to this link and click on the speaker.


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