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Former State Vet Board Member Resigns After Coming Under Fire For Social Media Comments

Ellen Kessler is looking for new ways to occupy her time today after she resigned her position this week from the State Veterinary Board. Kessler, who was appointed by Governor Jared Polis to the post, came under fire following a comment she made on the First Gentlemen's social media page.

(Kessler is shown in the photo with Marlon Reis, the Governor's Partner and First Gentleman)

The comment was that farmers and ranchers are "lazy." The comment Kessler made is posted below. Kessler was considered to be a controversial choice from the beginning to the State Vet Board, which makes decisions about licensure of Veterinarians in the State as well as general animal welfare, according to the state's description of the duties.

Kessler is known to be good friends with Marlon Reis, governor Polis' partner. Kessler is a self proclaimed animal rights activist and states on her social media page she is "Vegan AF."

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