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Former Kiowa County Deputy's Jury Trial Starts This Week

(Eads, CO) -- It's another trip to court for former Kiowa County Deputy Quinten Stump. According to the Kiowa County District Court Docket, a jury trial is set to begin January 3rd. Stump went to trial last summer in the officer involved shooting death of Zachery Gifford.

The Kiowa County Independent reports that after five days of testimony in that trial, Stump was acquitted on count one of Attempted Second-Degree Murder. The jury of ten wasn't able to agree, ten voted to convict but two did not. Fifteenth Judicial District Chief Judge Michael Davidson declared a mistrial on the two counts left, Attempted Second-Degree Murder for the second time a shot was fired and a count of Second-Degree Assault.

For the trial set to begin this Tuesday, Defense Attorney Michael Stuzynski asked that more questions be added when they select this jury, the process known as Voir Dire due to the large amount of media coverage of the first trial.

For more information on this trial, follow the Kiowa County Independent.


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