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For Sale! Southeast Colorado High School Mascot Gear No Longer Allowed

(Lamar, CO) -- Affected by legislation in Colorado deeming the Savage Mascot to be offensive, Lamar will be selling off anything with the American Indian mascot, the Savage, on it.

You might remember the fight to keep the Savage as the mascot and the recent renaming of the community's mascot to the Thunder. Senate Bill 21-116 was passed and signed by Governor Jared Polis and prohibited further use of the Lamar Savage as the school's mascot.

Now, the district is selling anything resembling the now gone mascot to avoid a hefty fine that piece of legislation would assess. According to the text of the bill continuing to use the mascot after the law went into play would garner a $25,000 fine. It would be imposed each month and would be payable to the state's education fund.

The school is planning to sell off the Savage gear and memorabilia on September 17th, Lamar High School will conduct a sale and silent auction in the high school gym. The social media post on the sale says there will be early bird sales on jerseys from 11 to 1 that day and the final sales will take place between 2 and 4.

More information from the post is as follows:

During the early bird sales, jerseys/uniforms will be sold at $20.00, bags at $15.00, and stadium chairs at $25.00. From 2pm to 4pm, these prices will drop to $10.00 for jerseys, $10.00 for bags, and $15.00 for chairs. Other items that are on sale will decrease in price by 50% in the 2-4 time slot.

Large items and unique one of a kind items will be sold through a silent auction. Final bids must be placed by 4:00pm, and items must be picked up and taken away immediately following the conclusion of the sale.

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