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Fires Burn Into The Night in Southeast Colorado

(Las Animas, CO) -- The southeast part of the state is on fire, or so it would seem by the recounting of Tuesday's events. First a fire east of Bent's Fort, a feeling of relief as it seemed to be safely extinguished, then a fire by the Las Animas Golf Course mid afternoon.

Afternoon is a time when winds pick up strength in Colorado and all attention turns to fire danger. But when the conditions are dry and the winds are relentless, there is no rest.

Every possible and available human being trained to fight fires, direct traffic and organize shelter situations is on deck and busy.

As a reporter, it's when it's most frustrating to be able to show images of the fires and the destruction they leave. Updates are few when everyone is busy. We understand that.

But as we wait to know a little more and wait for the winds to calm, here are some photos of the day. We appreciate you sharing them with us.

(photo taken near Ft. Lyon by Beverly Hayden)

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