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Fewer Students in Rocky Ford Spurs Staffing Discussion

(Rocky Ford, CO) -- Rocky Ford Superintendent Dr. Kermit Snyder told the school board Tuesday night that enrollment numbers are down.

"You could definitely say it's an anomaly to well no, now it's a trend." Snyder added.

He said he's worried because funding is connected to enrollment. The district has kept the same staffing patterns from a day when they had about 800 students. Today he said the district has around 650 students. Snyder says he doesn't feel the trend will reverse as numbers show that rural districts statewide are seeing diminishing numbers in enrollment.

Snyder says there are a number of ways they can look to close the gap with numbers and number of teachers and staff. "I don't think we would have to handle that in terms of a letting somebody go or a reduction in force."

There will be bigger classes in certain years that might have to be handled with a roving teacher.

"I think it's at least worth the discussion because if we continue keep our same staffing patterns, we won't be able to support it financially."

Snyder hopes to have the time to work this out so that staffing changes won't be last minute come spring. It was decided to add some school board work sessions to see what they could come up with in the way of a plan.


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