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Everyone, Everyone Has High Gas Prices

(Colorado) -- Remember a time when you could take off for a road trip and travel to a near-by state to buy gas slightly cheaper? That ship has sailed.

According to Triple-A, gas prices are now the highest they've ever been in ALL 50 states. As of today, May 18th, 2022, the average prices of a gallon of regular gasoline in the United States is now $4.57 cents. Here's a look at the map if you're curious who is getting the worst of it, but I'll bet you already guess the coasts, and you're right. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, a local app has been helpful for some folks in Southeast Colorado, the Gas Buddy app tells you the average reported prices at stations near your location. You need to have your location services turned on with your phone or simply put in your zip code. The app depends on regular people like us to report prices, so if you feel inclined, share away. It might help us all.

And I really like to learn new things. You might've known some of these tips, but in case you didn't or need a refresher, here's a great little video.


Anne Boswell

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