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Ethics Course Required for Las Animas City Council and Department Heads

(Las Animas, CO) -- "I want this community to be better!"

Las Animas resident Rose Prichard stood before the Las Animas City Council and told them they can do better. Prichard says she's seen total disrespect between council members during public hearings and she wants it to stop. She went out to say the disrespect has been noticed between department heads too.

Prichard also called for council to do better to keep order to the meetings. "I've watched much too much and I'm really tired of it, it's time to, all of you were elected by people in this community. I don't give a flip about any of your personal opinions. You are here to represent the people who elected you."

On the same evening during the public comment section, former Las Animas council member Terry Kim also stood to speak and mentioned that he's been upset about the unprofessional attitude of council staff. Kim told them to "respect the seat." Kim called for the council to do better to work with a team effort to get things accomplished.

Later in the meeting it was announced that council would be required to attend an ethics training course on June 28th at 5pm. It will not only be mandatory for city council but also all Department heads within the city of Las Animas.

The meeting on the 28th will also be a special call meeting for the city and will be open to the general public under the Sunshine Act of Colorado. The meeting will be held in council chambers at Las Animas City Hall.


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Jun 25, 2022

Thank you Anne.

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