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Could a Strike Be Coming for Railroad Workers

(La Junta, CO) -- You don't have to look much past the headlines to see it.

And of course, that's just a quick little Monday morning search on a topic that's been a hot one in the community for a while. BNSF employs a large percentage of the SE Colorado workforce so you won't have to go far to hear talk about it.

As mentioned in the story headlines, a strike could further worsen supply chain issues. The railroad unions and the PEB, the President's Executive board along with the companies have been in talks and even a cooling off period. Subjects of the talks include wage increases, benefits and time off. A new attendance policy from BNSF earlier this year caused many workers to leave the profession. The attendance policy sought to keep workers at work but many stated it didn't allow time off to rest and punished those who took it drastically.

It's no secret that a strike could be looming and it could come this week. Whether or not it would last long is yet to be seen as the President could order the railroad back to work.

We'll follow this story as this is just a preview of what could be coming, this week according to multiple news media sources.


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