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Commissioners Concerned with CDOT Greenhouse Gas Rule Making Hearings

A group of county commissioners that represent 61 of the Colorado's 64 counties have concerns with CDOT’s current greenhouse gas rulemaking hearings. In a letter, those concerns were outlined and an extension is now requested. Commissioners felt that the concerns lie in the areas of transparency and pace. Straight from the letter, another issue raised is how the model and associated greenhouse gas levels will account for population growth. Colorado is expected to add another half a million people by 20-30. And there were concerns about the push for multi-model transportation options, as buses and trains aren’t available to people in rural areas and using them instead of a car is a choice. They also asked for local governments to be given some flexibility because they say these rules being written might work in the city but would not be practical in the country. It was agreed upon at the steering committee meeting that CCI Colorado Counties Incorporated would only send this draft as a letter to CDOT if two thirds of the group supported it. The deadline for counties to comment on the letter is Friday, October 15th.

Here is the website to CCI, Colorado Counties Incorporated:

Here is the website to CDOT with a link to the Greenhouse Gas Rule Making Hearings:


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