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Colorado Lawmakers Already Through First Reading on Dozens of Bills

(Denver, CO) -- If you are following the Colorado General Assembly in their first weeks of the legislative session you see a lot happening fast. Last year lawmakers passed more than 500 bills according to the Colorado Sun in the session.

Some of the bills already introduced include Senate Bill 22-041 which concerns increasing pre-trial release requirements for certain criminal defendants, Senate Bill 22-043 which enhances restitution services for victims, and a House Bill to postpone jury duty for students. One that would be of interest to Southeast Colorado would be a Senate bill that would allow community colleges to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing to students. You might remember that bill that passed in earlier session that created a reminder service for those attending court, Senate Bill 22-018 would expand that bill. Senator Cleave Simpson, who represents most all of Southern Colorado and Southeast Colorado is authoring the Ground Water Compact Compliance Fund bill that would allow the creation of the groundwater compact compliance and sustainability fund.

You can follow along at the Colorado General Assembly's website and even watch action on the floor and listen to committee audio from the Colorado Channel, accessible from the site.

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