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CDPHE Indoor Air Quality/Ventilation Assessment and Improvement Program

This was sent to us from Otero/Crowley county health department director Rick Ritter.

The following message is from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE):

Background: The Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Unit of the Health Equity Branch has initiated a program to assess and improve indoor air quality/ventilation at facilities throughout Colorado. The program goal is to reduce disease risk and improve overall health related to respiratory pathogens (e.g., SARS-CoV-2) and other air pollutants. We are currently enrolling facilities to participate in the program.

· "Facilities" is a catch-all term to refer to any non-personal residence: workplaces of all types, public buildings, schools/education centers, care shelters, nursing homes, etc.

· Facilities chosen to participate will receive a free evaluation of the indoor air quality and assessment of the existing ventilation system, have a consultation with experts to determine how air quality and ventilation could be improved based on the findings of that assessment (and other low/no cost strategies to improve health and reduce disease risk), and will receive funding to support making the recommended improvements/changes to the ventilation system. There is no cost to facilities to participate.

· Facilities will be prioritized for participation if they meet criteria related to health equity goals, such as employing or serving a community/population that is: underserved and at high risk for COVID; has been historically marginalized resulting in disproportionate impacts from myriad health issues; is in a rural area of the state or low socioeconomic status area; etc.

Instructions: Interested parties should fill out our initial interest form, here: It should only take a couple minutes to fill out, and is not a commitment from the facility to participate - just a place to express interest. Our team will follow up to share more info, answer questions you might have, and determine if it's a good match for both parties. Anyone can fill it out on behalf of a facility, though an owner or HR/management type person is best as we need those individuals on board to have the facility actually participate.

Deadline for Response: The program is active for the next year, though we are looking for facilities that are interested in participating as early as August.

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