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Bomb Threat near a Southern Colorado Walmart, and Then Another

(Fountain, CO) -- KRDO is reporting that a man is in custody following a bomb threat today at a Walmart in Fountain, south of Colorado Springs.

That man is 39 year old Robert Lantz. According to the report from KRDO, the Fountain Police department said Lantz told workers at a McDonalds near the Fountain Walmart that he had a bomb and then took off in the direction of the Walmart carrying the large black duffle. Police arrived after a call to 911 and when the officer ordered him to drop the bag he ran after he left the bag. Lantz was caught and was taken to jail.

(photo from City of Fountain)

Fountain Police called the Colorado Springs Bomb unit to help them after Walmart got all of the shoppers and staff out of the building.

The charges that Lantz faces are felony false reporting of explosives, misdemeanor false reporting to authorities, and misdemeanor obstructing a police officer.

Same day, just hours later there was another threat to a Dollar Store on Mesa Ridge Parkway. Everyone was evacuated there and no bomb or explosive device was found. They don't have suspects in this incident.

The story brought comments on social media from many southeast Colorado residents about recent bomb threats at Walmart stores across the country. March 12th, a Walmart in Pueblo had to be evacuated following a bomb threat, There have been bomb threats in other states, too Texas, Ohio and Indiana.


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