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Bill to Limit Power During Pandemics In Committee Monday

(Denver, Co) -- Today lawmakers are expected to talk up more conversation and hear testimony on a bill that would limit power during a pandemic.

Health departments would also need approval from the governor and elected legislators in the general assembly to issue health orders.

Taken from the bill's summary of the text:

Current law gives the department of public health and environment (department) many powers to address epidemics. Many of these powers involve the imposition of duties on people. Section 4 requires that the department submit the imposition of an emergency duty on a class of people to the governor and general assembly for approval. The emergency duty must be submitted to: The entire bill can be read here.

The bill will be in the State, Civic, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee at 1:30 MST. Monday, March 28th.

Want to listen in for yourself? Here is the link for that committee meeting.

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