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Bill To Allow Hospital Visitation Draws Testimony This Week

(Denver, CO) -- A bill brought forth by Eastern Colorado legislators would allow hospital visitation of at least one person even during a pandemic. 'According to the bills text,

"The bill specifies that a patient admitted to a hospital for inpatient care and a resident of a nursing care facility or assisted living residence may have at least one visitor of the patient's or resident's choosing during the stay or residency."

Testimony this week from Senate Bill 22-053 came from healthcare workers and families who stated they believe it's important to have someone visit especially in end of life situations. One healthcare worker said he goes home to be exposed to the same infections that everyone else is so he doesn't understand the "increased risk" from having someone in the family visit. As snow fell and the streets became snow packed and icy, testimony drew on. Senator Jerry Sonneberg and Representative Rod Pelton are sponsoring the bill. You can listen to the testimony from committee, by clicking here.

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