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Bent County Teen's News Sharing Group Gains Momentum

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

(Las Animas, CO) -- When you meet almost 16 year old Alex Wesbrock you would never know he is the brains behind one of the most talked about social media share groups, The Bent County Bulletin.

I met him to chat about his endeavor which began as a home school project. "I had no idea this page was administrated by a teenager." I told him. "Yeah, I get that a lot," he tells me.

Alex says The Bent County Bulletin started out as a project to see if he could bring members of his community together to share important information, news, event happenings, etc. He said he had no idea that it would grow so fast and become so popular. Alex says he's told by many that they really love it. And love it they must, his community group has grown to more than 1,200 members, he added another 237 just in the last month.

When you join the Bent County Bulletin, you'll see there are rules for the group, no bullying, no hate speech, and a respect for member privacy. Alex tells me there are times keeping up with the page can take a lot of his time. He says it's not a place for gossip and name calling.

Since the Bent County Bulletin is taking off and gaining attention, Alex recently started the Southeastern Colorado Bulletin. He says there's much more news and info to share across a bigger area. I asked him if he had aspirations for journalism. While he says he's interested in it, he really just wants to bring communities together through the exchange of helpful information.

When he's not tending to admin duties on his social media group pages, Alex is concentrating on getting his Drivers License as he recently bought a truck.

If you would like to listen to my interview with Alex, just click here.


~Anne Boswell

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