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A Few Things to Know About the Primary Election in Colorado

(Colorado) -- The primary election in Colorado wraps up Tuesday June 28th, that's when your ballot must be in the hands of your county clerk and recorder. Many folks think a post mark date counts when mailing, it does not. There are drop boxes at the county courthouses for you to drop your ballot, or during office hours you may walk your ballot inside if you wish.

The biggest complaint heard from County clerks is that Independent or unaffiliated voters often turn in both ballots. For example, you vote for a Democrat for county commissioner but want to vote for a Republican candidate for Governor, so you hand in both the Republican party ballot and the Democratic Party ballot. Your ballot will be automatically tossed and not counted.

When Colorado decided to allow unaffiliated voters to vote in the primary election, it became confusing. You received both. You must choose which one to vote and turn that one back in.

The instructions state:

If your mail ballot packet contains ballots for both the Democratic and Republican parties, mark and return only one ballot and destroy the other. If you mark and return both party ballots, neither will county.

The candidates for state offices can be found here.

We will provide coverage of the primaries with a list of the winners when we have the information.


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