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A Cross Country Walk Across SE Colorado

(Bent County, CO) -- With eight states down, Kendall Ray is trekking across SE Colorado this week. You can't miss him, he's pushing a cart with signs about why he left Jacksonville, Florida to walk across the country. to Washington State. He's walking for mental health awareness. Habits 365 is the company supporting him and he says he supports being healthy everyday....all 365 of them. Walking is his healthy habit.

"When it comes to the mental health awareness and recovery, I'm not just walking because it's an issue as a person who's personally overcome addiction and depression..."

He carries with him a shirt with 180 names of people who've lost their lives to drug addiction and suicide. Kendall says even though they're not with us, they're going on the journey with him.

In the 150 pound cart he's pushing he has gear, snacks, water, a sleeping bag, tent, solar panel, and a guitar. He says he's not really an artist but likes to play. Kendall says the cart is heavy, in fact the 29 year old man admits he's only a few pounds heavier than his load. He says he usually camps at state park, but a few people have hosted him in their houses.

36 miles is the most he's done in a day but with the heat he's been averaging about 25 miles a day. He admitted it's not been easy, in fact, he's dealing with a hernia now and wears a belt.

He says his cardio has improved.

"You have to stay hydrated."

"Almost every person I've met has been absolutely amazing!" He says he got to stay at a house in Arkansas over Easter with a family. Some people take him on side trips to see waterfalls and other interesting things about their part of the country.

Here's a little video of the t-shirt and names he mentioned earlier.

If you see him, give him a honk or a wave. His trip is partially funded through a GoFundMe page that's visible on the front of his cart. And if you want to listen to the whole interveiw I did with Kendal, just click here.


(Thanks to husband Chad for noticing this man on his way to work, I call him my producer because despite the fact he grew up on a ranch in Lincoln county, he's actually a pretty good little story getter. :) )

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