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Tarantula Trekking Scores Dollars

Two exciting projects are out of the gate for the La Junta Tourism board. Director Pam Denahy announced them at a recent meeting arranged by the La Junta Chamber called Business Lunch Talks, or BLTs.

Denahy excitedly told the group that a new logo has been approved along with a sticker QR code campaign associated with the new logo.

The code will send visitors to the Visit La Junta site.

Adding to the news of the new logo, director Pam Denahy said the board has received $20.000 in a grant from the Colorado Tourism Board, La Junta matched it with $5,000 for an educational campaign on the Tarantula. It would include creating a microsite with the Visit La Junta Site that would focus on inspiring responsible and respectful visitation during the migration season. That includes advice on how to visit the tarantulas and how to leave them alone.

Denahy said that information became much needed. "We even got a call, I think, last summer from a pet shop in Denver saying that people were taking the tarantulas from here and trying to sell them up in Denver," she replied.

Denahy said putting in Care for Colorado principles, how to pick up your trash, how to treat the land, and wildfire safety would also be part of that educational resource on the microsite.

And because mobile phone service isn't always available in the canyons, a one page information sheet would be provided at restaurants and at hotels around La Junta.

And look for something special during Tarantula season as they are planning a special logo to incorporate the tarantula creature into their La Junta Tourism logo.


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