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Leave the Door Open

(Lamar, CO) -- Lamar Mayor Kirk Crespin stood to tell a crowded city council chambers this week that he hopes to keep the lines of communication open.

In the time of transparency in government becoming a hot topic, the mayor further stated that he feels overall they have done a good job at being available to the public.

"We really do try to leave the door open." Crespin mentioned that all council members have their mobile numbers and email published so that citizens can reach them with concerns and issues.

The mayor of the small Southeast Colorado town said they have discussed holding regular town halls in the future so that the lines of communication can stay open. Crespin said it's also up to the people to reach out and contact them with anything they feel they need to know about.

City Administrator Robert Evans added the city is starting a way for citizens to connect with Department heads with a doughnut/coffee get together on Wednesdays, there's a "Coffee with Rob at Dunkin Doughnuts" scheduled for Wednesday June 29th at 7am. The fire department will be the first department to be at Coffee with Rob on July 13th.

If you need to call or email council members or the mayor, here is the link where you can find their published info.


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