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Economy Causing Pets to Be Turned Out

(Lamar, CO) -- The small town of Lamar isn't alone with a problem they've noticed lately, turned out pets.

Shelter managers throughout the country are noticing more dogs and cats surrendered to them or turned lose in the country. The rising cost of inflation and caring for them is getting the blame.

Lamar Animal Shelter Manager Tori Robine says she was able to clear the shelter this week sending dogs and cats to adoption and rescue centers but as of Wednesday morning, they'd already gained four more dogs.

Robine says you can almost tell the dogs they are picking up have recently had a very loving owner. She says that many of the dogs are much better behaved and potty trained than those picked up in the past. And some even still have a mark where a collar was worn.

The animals at the Lamar Animal Shelter are held for six days before they're made available for adoption or consideration to be sent to a rescue operation in Colorado.

Robine says she's seen a big increase in the dogs coming in since inflation has soared but recommends that the community takes advantage of a resource they have available. A food pantry that provides pet food to anyone in need will be held again July 21st at 4pm. They just require the pets to be spayed and neutered within a certain amount of time to be eligible to receive the free pet food.

The Lamar Animal Shelter will soon have another director as Robine tells us her last day will be Thursday, June 23rd. She's moving out of state and wanted to make sure the shelter had cleared most of the animals before she left.

Interviews for the position are happening this week and a new manager/director should start soon.


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