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Town of Cheraw on List to Receive Funding Under Senator Hickenlooper

The following is a news release from Senator Hickenlooper's news media team:

(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper today announced that $92,035,000 in funding for projects across Colorado have been included in the fiscal year 2023 federal appropriations bills. Hickenlooper specifically requested funding for 62 of the projects through the congressionally directed spending (CDS) process.

“These projects will help drive much-needed investments across Colorado. Congress must get this done to help build affordable housing, boost public health, provide clean water, and much more,” said Hickenlooper.

To qualify, CDS requests must be submitted by local governments or non-profits. Senators may then submit these projects for consideration in one of the nine annual funding bills that accept CDS requests. Congress will now negotiate final appropriations bills — both the House and Senate will have to conference their respective versions and vote on the final package before this funding becomes law. Hickenlooper will continue pushing to make sure Colorado funding remains in the final package as it moves through Congress.

Last year Hickenlooper secured $100.4 million for 64 projects across Colorado, helping fund projects that address priorities across the state including investments in affordable housing, clean energy, health care, and more.

Of the $92 million total for Colorado in the proposed FY 2023 bills, Hickenlooper secured $66.6 million in funding for 62 projects. A full list of the fiscal year 2023 requested projects is available below. Projects in italics were requested jointly with Senator Michael Bennet.

According to the list of projects sent to us, Cheraw is slated to received funds.

The complete list is posted below:


Building Apprenticeship Pathways in Education and Healthcare

CareerWise Colorado



Community Incubator Kitchen

The Farm Collaborative



El Alba Cooperative Commissary Kitchen

El Alba Cooperative



Denver and Arapahoe Methane Disposal Site