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Southern Colorado Lawmaker Writes Bill to Stagger Roadside Mile Marker Posts

(Colorado) -- With rural Colorado's narrow two lane highways often a car and large farm vehicles must share the road. District 60 Representative Stephanie Luck is introducing House Bill 23-1048 that will hopefully prevent damage from those delineator posts when this happens.

Luck is set to bring the bill to the floor on a first reading on February 1st. The legislation would require the Colorado Department of Transportation to replace any inflexible posts with some that are flexible to reduce damage to vehicles. The bill states the changes would come as repaving operations or repairs take place on existing two lane highways. And when there's a new highway constructed the flexible posts be use and staggered every 1/10th of a mile on alternating sides according to the bill's summary text.

In a fact sheet sent by the Kiowa County Women Involved in Farm Economics, it states concern for oversize loads on state highways over the last 20 years being safety concerns. Since the posts are evenly spaced across the highway, it leaves little to no room for drivers to move over without hitting a post. This is especially concerning for farmers with large equipment who have to decide between a crash and damaging their equipment.

Colorado has seen an increase of traffic in recent years bringing the Kiowa County Women in Farm Economics to support the bill that Representative Luck is sponsoring.

According to more information shared by the group, and according to a news release from CDOT from September 1, 2022, it states record amount of funding through updated 10 Year Plan to repave rural roads. This provides the opportunity for HB23-1048 to enhance safety for all users by staggering and installing flexible delineator posts during these projects.