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Renters Stand to Gain Protections Under Colorado Senate Bill

(Denver, CO) -- If a bill passes and is signed into law in Colorado, renters would have more protection, mainly they could be exempt from credit checks and income questions.

Senate Bill 23-184, according to the bill's text and fiscal note would make it illegal for a landlord from asking about how much a potential tenant earns in income. It would also make it a no-no to run a credit check on the tenant. Finally, a tenant would be able to use a anti-discrimination laws if they face an eviction proceeding.

Landlords would also be held liable for penalties for violations of $50 and if it's not fixed within seven calendar days the landlord could end up having to pay a penalty of $2,500.

If the landlord received funds from an entity that requires income verification, they may ask about income to make sure it meets requirements for income-restricted rental units.

The fiscal note on the bill explains the legislation could make more work for the trial courts. Should the bill be signed by the governor, it would become law within 90 days.


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