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Another Crash at a Dangerous Intersection on Highway 50, & What You Can Do

(Rocky Ford, CO) -- Colorado State Patrol Corporal Doug Bremer state he knows the intersection of Highway 50 and Highway 71 has seen a lot of accidents. Tuesday, there was another crash as a man in a garbage truck who was turning onto Highway 50 failed to see two oncoming vehicles, according to Bremer. Those two vehicles struck the truck. Thirty-three year old Frankie Lovato was in a Ford Focus that went under the truck leaving him trapped, emergency crews were able to cut him lose and he was taken by helicopter. Twenty-eight year old Isiah Perea of Pueblo was in a van and sustained injuries. Perea was taken to Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center. Fernando De La Torres was in the garbage truck.

As many people took to social media to see the photos of the crash, they stated that intersection is a problem and they feel something needs to be done. We learned that the Colorado Department of Transportation has been made aware of the concerns that residents have about this intersection.

Corporal Bremer says he understands the frustration with the dangers there and says contacting your elected officials could be one way to see some change.

Otero County Commissioners, Jim Baldwin, John Hostetler and Rob Oquist meet every other Monday in the courthouse. The meeting starts at 1:30 and there is a public comment section for anyone to address any issue.

The State Representative for Otero county is Stephanie Luck.

You can reach her at 303-866-2905

State Senator Cleave Simpson, representing Otero County, can be reached at


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