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Moana Jr. Comes to La Junta

(La Junta, CO) -- If you've been to one, you know.

Children's Theatre of La Junta really brings it when it comes to delivering a fantastic production and next week's show is expected to continue that tradition.

Under the direction of Kelly Jo Scantlin Smith, the cast of Moana has been working hard this summer. Kelly Jo explains the story of Moana is of a girl who has a classic hero's journey.

Moana discovers her village is in danger and as the next leader she needs to save her village.

"The kids have been working so hard and are doing a remarkable job,"

Teagan Summers plays the part of a villain in the show, she says she's excited to play the other side. "It kinda gives you a different perspective um on just characterization, and just how each part is so important to the show, I think, for sure."

The show is June 22-25th. Tickets are $10 and you can get them at the door, or ahead of time from a cast member. It's suggested to get tickets early.


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