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"Elected, Not Selected," Mesa County Clerk & Recorder Speaks to Rocky Ford

(Rocky Ford, CO) -- Tina Peters has spent a hot minute or two in the news following grand jury indictments but the message she confidently told a Rocky Ford crowd this week was that elections must not be altered. Candidates should be elected not selected in order to preserve fair and free elections.

Peters is the Mesa County clerk and recorder who has been in the news for alleged election tampering. She explained to the Arkansas Valley what happened:

"When the 2020 election came, people came in and they said, I know we won in Mesa county, I know Trump won in Mesa county but not by as much as he should have. So I took that under consideration and I said, I know that's happening around the country but I don't think it would happen here. It wasn't under 2021, April 6 2021 when I pulled the results city council election and I said, this is impossible that this happened. One month later Dominion voting systems and the uh, present Secretary of State Jenna Griswold were coming in to delete a program that would've made it impossible for me to do an audit should one be required, so I commissioned someone to come in to make a back up , just as you would do as a business owner if you were going to make changes to your uh, to your computer. And when they left, I made another back up and what it showed was that they deleted 29,000 of the Mesa County election files, they probably deleted yours too..."

Peters said a second report revealed they had 36 wireless devices, and she says according to statute the machines that tabulate votes are not supposed to be able to connect to the internet or have the capability to connect. A third report, Peters explained, shows there was a manipulation of the vote. She stated it wasn't long after that the Department of Justice visited her county. Peters wrapped up by saying she feels her investigation put her in the cross hairs.

While she had planned to run again for the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, she changed her mind and decided to run for Colorado Secretary of State. She could face Democrat Incumbent Jena Griswold in the General Election in November. Peters must first win the primary election in June where she faces candidates Mike O'Donnell and Pam Anderson.


Note: We've placed the audio from Peter's talk in Rocky Ford on our Elections, Politics & Such page. You can access it directly by clicking HERE.

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