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Colorado Solutions to Infant Formula Shortage

(Colorado) -- You're not alone if you have been trying to find baby formula and cannot. There's been a nationwide shortage of it. Now Colorado is taking steps to help out while the supplies are low or depleted. This week, Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced a partnership with Mother's Milk Bank through the Rocky Mountain Children's Foundation to help with the shortage, reports Tucker Allmer with Colorado AG News, (listen here to the complete newscast-it will be the CANN2 file)

The effort includes gathering donated human breast milk and providing a breast milk alternative during the shortage. Abbot, who is the maker of baby formula is working with the Food and Drug Administration feels it could take up to eight weeks for the formula to start appearing on the shelves again. Mother's Milk Bank is collecting human breast milk in the meantime.

If you can donate and would like to, you're encouraged to help out. Get more information here.

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