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Big Goal for Connecting Colorado Households to Internet

(La Junta, CO) – Broadband for all was discussed as a goal at a meeting Thursday in La Junta. The Colorado Broadband Office presented an update on that goal of 99-percent of homes in the state having access to connect by the year 2027. According to Governor Jared Polis’ executive order, items to accomplish are to build a network, expand inclusivity, strengthen resiliency and to have the ability to thrive in the economy.

Colorado Broadband Office Senior IT director Michael Murphy explained they want to share as much information in small community groups as possible. Funding will be coming to the state of Colorado and Murphy said they want to be ready to know where the needs are the most vital. He said that’s often been small rural communities according to some mapping they have completed in connection with the Federal Communications Commission. However, it was brought to the attention of the audience that some of those maps weren’t as accurate as they had hoped. Murphy said it’s important for folks to report where on the map they don’t have internet access. Prowers County administrator Mark Westoff was in attendance for the meeting and asked, “how do you report you have internet when you don’t have it?”

Murphy agreed that’s been a challenge and the state needs accurate data to start the process of getting internet to everyone.

Grants totaling 162 million dollars are on the way to Colorado soon. The next opportunity to learn more and attend an informational meeting is July 21st in Colorado Springs, at 2855 Mesa Road. The meeting starts at 10am.

SECOM can help with paying your internet bill. The Affordable Connectivity Program pays up to $30 of your monthly internet bill if you qualify. Call 800-657-7149.

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Jun 16, 2023

As internet users in La Junta, our concern is the scant availability of "fast" service. Only one provider (who shall remain nameless for now) offers the speed necessary for our various work-at-home projects. Through late 2022, we coped with a notorious streak of service disruptions. To be fair, service has improved significantly since last December. Still, that company is the only vendor offering this level of speed.

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