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Bent County Discusses Donating a Pool Table to Las Animas Schools

(Las Animas, CO) -- Bent County Commissioners mulled over a request by Las Animas Schools for a pool table to be used in the school. At Wednesday's meeting, commissioners stated there were two pool tables that were donated to the community center and were being stored in a storage facility by the center.

"They're not doing anybody any good sitting in a garage, right, no matter what. I would be in favor of honoring the request by the school to put them to good use," Commissioner Kim MacDonnell stated. Commissioner Chuck Netherton agreed.

Netherton wanted to double check with Las Animas School Superintendent Elsie Goines that the school board would be ok with the request to take the table for the counselor's office.

It was decided that the table would be donated contingent upon checking with the school. The motion passed.


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