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Animal Cruelty Activists to Hang Banner on E470

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

(Parker, CO) -- Hit the Brakes on Iditarod Cruelty!

That's what a large banner reads that animal rights group PETA will hang over a busy roadway near Denver. The banner has to do with the groups concern that the Iditarod, a race with sled dogs, has caused more than 150 dogs to die. The ire is focused on Liberty Media’s subsidiary GCI—an Alaskan internet service provider who allegedly give money to the annual race.

The placement of the banner will take place during the afternoon rush hour. The PETA supporters are poised to hang the 20-foot-by-5-foot banner from an E470 overpass near Liberty’s headquarters. They're hoping the company will end their sponsorship of the race.

“If Liberty Media’s executives need help imagining how the Iditarod is cruel to dogs, they should hop out of their cars and run the length of this highway 20 times,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. The banner will hang at 9090 South Chambers Road in Parker.


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