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A Bill That Gives Public Employees the Right to Unionize Moves Forward

Updated: May 13, 2023

(Denver, CO) -- Southern Colorado legislator Stephanie Luck asked the House of Representatives for more discussion on a bill that she says concerns her. Senate Bill 23-111 according to the bill's text would give public employees certain rights. Here is an excerpt from the bill:

  • Discuss or express views regarding public employee representation or workplace issues;

  • Engage in protected, concerted activity for the purpose of mutual aid or protection;

  • Fully participate in the political process while off duty and not in uniform, including speaking with members of the public employer's governing body on terms and conditions of employment and any matter of public concern and engaging in other political activities in the same manner as other citizens of Colorado without discrimination, intimidation, or retaliation; and

  • Organize, form, join, or assist an employee organization or refrain from organizing, forming, joining, or assisting an employee organization.

Representative Ken Degraff also stood to speak against the bill in Saturday's session.

You can listen to the audio here.


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